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Our mission is to create sustainable value for all of our stakeholders by realizing high-efficiency and eco-friendly projects and contributing to the electricity production capacity of our country. Furthermore, it is our primary aim to design and realize power plants using cutting-edge technology in this area for a world where only renewable resources are used in electricity production.

Our vision is to be one of the top leading energy investment companies in our country and the world with an eco-friendly approach and cutting-edge renewable energy technologies.

Our company is an energy investment company that has been operating in the energy sector since 2010. Our investments have focused on the renewable energy sector as we have several hydroelectric and solar power plant projects which are developed, financed, and realized by us. You can visit the ‘Projects’ page for more detailed information on this subject.

Moreover, we have ongoing research and feasibility studies for wind and geothermal-based power plants.

We are aware that renewable energy is extremely important in terms of providing a sustainable and secure energy supply in our world and guaranteeing the future of human beings on our planet. To this end,  we act with the aim and vision of transitioning to 100% renewable energy, and we design and build renewable-powered power plants by closely monitoring renewable energy and storage technologies.

Our company also provides consultancy services for companies which have recently entered or wish to enter the electricity production sector especially to license the projects they have. You can visit the ‘Consultancy’ page for information about this subject.