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In our country, electricity generation licenses are issued by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA). In order to apply for a license to EPDK, application files are prepared in a special format. It is of great importance that these files are prepared correctly and properly followed so that the process does not prolong and, more importantly, is not blocked and rejected at any point.

However, obtaining a license is not limited to the EMRA application; In order to obtain a license, it is necessary to be in contact with many public and private sector companies, depending on the type of project to be licensed. For example, the number of public and private organizations contacted and consulted to obtain a generation license for a power plant varies between 19 and 28.

Our company has brought together its knowledge and experience on the licensing process, which can sometimes take years when not managed properly, in a Licensing Process Handbook, and put it at the disposal of the investors who demand it. This handbook is a guiding resource that examines the process in detail from the very beginning to the very end. Our company provides training on the License Obtaining Process or provides services to manage the process from start to finish, if requested.