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We have officially started our Hybrid HPP-SPP process!
Getiri Enerji, a subsidiary of our company, submitted its application to DSİ to add SPPs using solar energy as a secondary source to Piro HPP in Ordu and Kızılçam HPP facilities in Kastamonu.
Based on the feasibility reports submitted to DSİ, while the 598 kWp SPP planned to be set up in Piro HPP is expected to produce an annual average of 613 MWh of electricity whereas the 383 kWp SPP that is intended for Kızılçam HPP is planned to annually produce 436 MWh. For panel installations, the roofs, facades of the plant buildings as well as the gaps around the buildings, and the forebay pools will be evaluated.
Piro HPP commissioned in 2014, Kızılçam HPP commissioned in 2015 are our run-of-the-river type of hydroelectric power plants which have 4,28 MW and 1,32 MW capacity, respectively. Our facilities have been converting the water power into electricity for 6 years whereas it will increase its contribution to both the national economy and a healthy environment once the SPPs are erected.

As YTB Energy, we are planning to commission this new leg of our ongoing investments that continue non-stop in 2021 for a more habitable environment.