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TURSEFF -Turkey Sustainable Energy Financing Facility- offered by EBRD (European Bank of Reconstruction and Development) provides financing to projects involved in sustainable energy (You can click here for the TURSEFF website).  Our company has benefited from TURSEFF financing through Turkey İş Bank for Işıkküre and Işıkyuvar SPP investment in Antalya.

Among over 260 solar power plants financed by TURSEFF, Işıkküre & Işıkyuvar SPP was granted “Best Practice in Solar PV (photovoltaic) Project Development Award”. The award was presented to us at a ceremony held in Istanbul Conrad Hotel on 7 December 2016.

Such an award by an international organization is a major source of pride for our company which aims to complete the right and top-quality facilities in the most efficient way across all projects it has accomplished. This award also demonstrates to us that we are capable of achieving the aim of rightness, quality, and efficiency.

You can watch the Işıkküre and Işıkyuvar SPP promotion video and the speech made by Mr. Yusuf Bahadır TURHAN, our General Manager, and view the photos from the award ceremony.