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We completed our preparations to get into RERA (Renewable Energy Resource Areas) SPP-3 competitions as an applicant for a total capacity of 300 MW in 12  provinces, 24 competitions. The 24 tender envelopes are waiting to be submitted to the Ministry next week. We would like to thank Garanti BBVA Başkent Commercial Branch, Türkiye İş Bankası Yenişehir Branch, and Akbank Bakanlıklar Branch valuable managers and employees for their efforts to provide us with letters of guarantees amounting to 107 million TL in total within this scope.

It is our biggest wish to see the competitions finalized as soon as possible and the capacities to find true and conscious investors. It is of course our biggest goal to realize new SPPs and grow this way by taking the capacities we have applied for with the prices we have projected. Accordingly, as a company, we will continue to produce energy and contribute to the sustainable life of the human in this world.