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After a challenging and exciting period,we are happy to announce that we got the right to develop new solar power plants(SPPs) in 5 different regions by giving the lowest price in RERA SPP 3 tenders.

The tenders we won are 10 MW each in Bilecik-1 and Bilecik-2, 15 MW in Eskişehir-1, 10 MW in Çankırı-2, 10 MW in Çorum-1 and 15 MW in Yozgat-1, making up a total of 70 MW.

The real game begins now. As it was in our previous investments, our aim here is also to realize these SPPs as soon as possible. This way, we are going to provide our country more clean and cheap electricity. We thank to all our stakeholders who have contributed this mission of ours for 11 years since the foundation of our company.